Shri Hari Om Anath Ashram Seva Bhavi Sanstha

"Shri Hari Om Anath Ashram Seva Bhavi Sanstha is registered under 1860/21 APC on 26-07-2016 Established under the Maharashtra State with Registration Number 1361-2016 G.B.B.S.D. ... "
Trustee Registration is undertaken on 15-11-2016, with Registration Number F.66056.

Our Home is a shelter to all kinds of Orphan children as well as to the aged and helpless and needy. We take care of their food, clothing, education, marriage etc. We arrange to celebrate their birthdays, any other special days, take them out for picnics, outings, etc.

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The Only Vision of Our Foundation is to help women, children, Orphan Children, Special Children, Old People, Handicapped Children, Unemployed Youth of Rural Indian Villages, in such a way that we will be able to make their complete development of their Livelihood.

Shree Hari Om Anath Ashram Sevabhavi Sanstha visualizes to create a society based on justice, peace and quality irrespective of caste, creed and gender. There will be no hunger, exploitation of subjugation or subjugation in any form in this society where people will live in peaceful coexistence with nature, people will love, respect and cooperate with each other for self-reliance and prosperity of the society as a whole. Empowerment of the poor in general and that of the scheduled castes (SCs), Scheduled tribes (STs) and women in particular through conscientization, organisation, social action, education and asset creation. Promotion of people's participation in development efforts; and Provision of education, health, nutrition community services necessary for the development of the poor children, the disadvantaged and the aged. The Organization takes a keen concern on animal welfare.

Who We Are

We are striving hard to ensure the progress of Orphan Kids, Women, Widows, Under Priviledged etc.
We work towards supporting Widows, Orphanage Kids to make them self sufficient and independent so that they can support their respective family. We also impart vocational training and try to help them setup their own small scale business.

Our Board Members

Name: Kailash Nath Maharaj
Post: Gadhi Pati
Occupation: Social Worker

Name: Santosh Shinde
Post: President
Occupation: MSRTC Employee & Press Reporter Police Warant
Qualification: B.A

Name: Baba Ji Shinde
Post: Public Relation officer
Occupation:Press Reporter
Qualification: B.A

Name: Arjun Chaugule
Post: Joint Secretary
Occupation: sanitory Inspector BMC
Qualification: B.A

Our Programs

Child Malnutrition Program

The UN estimates that 2.1 million Indian children die before reaching the age of 5 every year – four every minute - mostly from preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea, typhoid, malaria, measles and pneumonia. Every day, 1,000 Indian children die because of diarrhoea alone. Reference
Hari Om Anath Ashram has taken initiative to take government and non-government aid to run this program for the villages in india, specially in maharashtra.
Read More

Special Child Care

The mission of our centre is to provide best possible opportunities to children with special needs. They should be made aware of the various things around them and also we try to make each child a unique and respectable child in the outside world. We are a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic rehabilitation and professional nursing services to children with special need. Read More

Special Child Education

Child Education is the basic necessity of Every Child, Just like every adult individual have a constitutional rights for vote and others neccessary commodities to live. In year 2001-2002 it is mandatory by constitutional of india to make Education as the basic rights of Every Child. Read More

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